A tiny optical-inertial tracking module. The tracker is placed on objects that are being tracked. It determines their position in space.


A wireless ergonomic 6DoF VR controller for hand tracking.

Universal Radio Socket

It’s a small and lightweight Socket that can be used for object tracking and collecting data from other radio devices.

Wired USB Socket

A small and lightweight Socket that does not support Antilatency Radio Protocol. You can secure your Wired USB Socket with double-sided adhesive tape, but we highly recommend using the mounting holes for a tighter fit. In this case you will need the following types of screws: M2x10 DIN 912, M2x12 DIN 912.


Tag is a wireless lightweight Socket that can be attached to even a compact object because of its small size. Tag has a rechargeable battery and is fully functional while charging.

Pico Native Socket

A wireless Socket custom-designed to fit the shape of the Pico headsets.

Extension Module

This is a module for connecting to the Universal Radio Socket additional components using the Antilatency Hardware Extension Interface. Using it, you can read the external triggers of buttons or connect additional circuits to the Socket.

Socket Reference Design

A development board to create a custom Socket for Alt. You can design your own board using the Reference Design materials provided.

Antilatency Pillars

A new Antilatency product for mobile projects in VR location-based entertainment, VR training, MoCap, and Virtual Production. With Antilatency Pillars you can bring your daring ideas to life: a mobile digital art exposition, an immersive VR theatre, VR arcades, and even a mobile Virtual Production or MoCap studio.

Tracking area

Ceiling tracking area

The ceiling tracking area is a kind of Environment. The IR markers are embedded in the ceiling, wired, and connected to the power supply.

Floor tracking area

A tracking area consists of bars with IR markers, soft tiles, and connectors.

Pillar tracking area

The pillar tracking area is a kind of vertical Environment. It's optimal for mobile projects with a temporary location. IR markers are installed in vertical reference bars (pillars), which are positioned freely in the room and independently connected to power supplies or power banks.

Truss tracking area

This tracking area type is supplied in the form of Truss Reference Bars, which are fixed onto the truss using special fasteners.

Power supply for ceiling and truss tracking areas

The switched-mode power supply has a metal case and is designed to provide power to the ceiling and truss tracking areas.