Truss tracking area

Truss tracking area

This tracking area type is supplied in the form of Truss Reference Bars, which are fixed onto the truss using special fasteners.

Easy usage in Virtual Production

The truss tracking area provides precise camera tracking and integration of virtual environment objects into the shooting, broadcasting, presentation or show in real time.
The tracking area equipment does not interfere with the installation of various facilities — LED screens, chroma key, decorations, furniture, studio trolleys.

Mobility and fast installation

The smart design of the reference bars and connections allows you to quickly install the tracking area and dismantle it if necessary. Elastic fasteners press the reference bar brackets onto the segment pipes. Due to the presence of special recesses on the brackets, a stable fixation of the bar is achieved without the threat of changing its geometry.
The tracking area is ready to use immediately after turning on; additional configuration and periodic calibration are not required.

Compatibility with Trusses

The truss tracking area is compatible with Global Truss F33250, F34250 with 4-way corner junctions F33C41, F34C41 or similar ones (subject to the overall and installation dimensions).
Please note that the trusses are purchased and installed by the customer on their own. It is not included in the tracking area delivery kit.

Truss Reference Bar structure

Each reference bar consists of an aluminum housing which contains three markers with IR emitters. The markers are protected by IR transparent acrylic glass. The reference bar is positioned on the truss using a special template and is securely fixed with fasteners.

Convenient wire commutation

Each reference bar has GX16 connectors (plug), which can be used to connect all elements of the tracking area in series to the power supply.

Default kit

Technical specifications

IR marker indication
Green LED
Recommended power supply
Supply voltage — 18 V. The number of bars connected to 1 channel of the power supply unit — up to 12 pcs.
Overall dimensions of 1 Truss Reference Bar with fasteners
1361 × 40 × 70 mm
Operating temperature
+5°C — +50°C
≤75% (+25°C)
Package size
1430 × 215 × 155 mm
Package weight
7 kg