Amazing accuracy combined with ease of use. High precision. Modular design. Wireless connection. Hardware agnostic. Realize the most daring ideas in AR/VR, MoCap, Industry 4.0, robotics, training for enterprises, and TV broadcasting with the Antilatency tracking system.



Alt is an optical inertial tracking module. The Alt is placed on objects that are being tracked and determines their position in space in relation to infrared markers.


Tag is a wireless lightweight Socket that can be attached to even a small object because of its small size. Tag has a rechargeable battery and is fully functional while charging.


Bracer is a wireless controller for 6DoF hand tracking. Bracer allows the user's hands to remain free while interacting with material objects.

HMD Radio Socket

This is a lightweight and small Socket that can act as an access point or as a client. It supports the Extension Module - a module that allows reading external triggers and controlling other devices.
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How to configure Antilatency wireless devices

This is the manual for the initial and subsequent configuration of radio devices. Correct device configuration provides you with the stable operation of the tracking system in both single and multi-user scenarios.

How to create a HorizontalGrid Environment for your tracking area

There are two types of HorizontalGrid Environment: floor and ceiling. Use the Environments tab in the AntilatencyService app to create or edit an Environment.

Locking cells on a HorizontalGrid Environment

This section describes how to prohibit the placement of reference bars in certain cells or their parts when creating a HorizontalGrid Environment scheme.
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