Alt is an optical inertial tracking module. The Alt is placed on objects that are being tracked and determines their position in space in relation to infrared markers.

Sensor fusion

Alt is based on a sensor fusion approach. It's an inertial measurement unit (IMU) based tracking system with IMU correction based on optical data. This provides precise real-time tracking of an object.

Low latency

Alt has a tracking speed of up to 2000 measurements per second and a low hardware latency of 2ms.

Onboard processing

Alt is responsible for most of the data processing. This allows the Host device to preserve its processing power for other tasks.

Custom optics

Custom designed lenses with a 230 degree field of view, factory calibrated. Good visibility of markers provides stable and accurate tracking.
To send tracking data from Alt to the Host, you will need a Socket.

Technical specifications

Optical sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope
Tracking frequency
2 ms
Optics FOV
230 degrees
Power consumption
In tracking mode: 175mA@3V
In idle mode: 130mA@3V
Connectivity is provided by Socket
Operating temperature
+5°C — +50°C
≤75% (+25°C)
16 × 16 × 21 mm
10.5 g

LED signals

Please, read here to learn about the states of the Alt and its LED indication: Alt: color codes