Bracer is a wireless controller for 6DoF hand tracking. Bracer allows the user's hands to remain free while interacting with material objects.

Ergonomic design

Even long-term tracking feels comfortable with a Bracer. The lightweight controller has a retainer strap that can be fixed in position to fit the size of the user's palm.

Free hands

Bracer is designed to be worn on the palm. This is how a user can interact with different objects (such as a VR Gun) while using this device.

Rechargeable battery

Bracer has a built-in 250 mAh rechargeable battery. Bracer is supplied with a battery charger module that is inserted into the Alt tracker slot.

Touch pad

A flexible sensor panel is located on the inner side of the hand. Thanks to this pad the Bracer can detect grasp and release gestures in VR.

Haptic feedback

Bracer has a built-in haptic response unit that allows for tactile feedback from user actions. This unit is controlled from a user application with the help of an API.

Low latency radio protocol

Bracer transmits data with the minimum latency using the Antilatency Radio Protocol. This allows updating the positional data of the device quickly and reduces the rendering latency.

Technical specifications

2.4 GHz proprietary radio protocol (client mode only)
250 mAh internal Li-pol rechargeable battery
Charging mode
Charging through the Alt slot with a dedicated charger module
Bracer cannot be used during charging.
Power requirements: 250 mA @ 5 V
Haptic feedback
LRA haptic feedback
Touch sensing element
Worn on the palm
Operating temperature
+5°C — +50°C
≤75% (+25°C)
111 х 38 х 33 mm
35 g

3D model

You can download Bracer 3D model by clicking button Download

LED signals

Please note, the Bracer's charging indicator is located on the charging module.
Indicator stateDevice state
The device is charging.
The device is fully charged.
Client is trying to find an access point to connect to.
Client is trying to find a specific access point (MasterSN property is not empty).
Client is connected to an access point. The color should be identical on both devices.
Device error, it will be restarted in a few seconds.
Hardware error, the number of red blinks is the error code.