Device Network

Device Network

Use this AntilatencyService tab to look through the device tree, to see the system and custom device properties, to see the firmware version of the connected devices and to update it.
Use AntilatencyService to read and write the device properties. Each property has its key(name) and value. To see the device properties choose its name in the device tree.

System properties

The system properties contain the main information about the device. You can not change them.
Please, read here how to update the firmware: How to update the firmware on an Antilatency device

Configuration properties

Use these properties to configure the device for the specific task. Clients and access points have different configuration properties.
To learn more about configuring clients and access points, please, read here: How to configure Antilatency wireless devices

Custom properties

Use the custom properties to identify the device among others.
Please, read here how to set the custom properties: How to configure device custom properties