How to configure Antilatency wireless devices

How to configure Antilatency wireless devices

Any Antilatency device has system, configuring and custom properties displayed in the Device Network tab. Optimal configuration allows you to realize the full potential of the device in both single and multi-user scenarios.
In order to determine its role in the Antilatency Radio Protocol, Antilatency devices are divided into two groups:
HMD Radio Socket supports both modes. Please, read here to learn more: HMD Radio Socket Modes
First, you need to set up the client and only after that the access point.

Client properties

Access point properties

Reconnecting to the access point

The client will fail to connect if it is incorrectly configured. This means that configuring it is impossible. For example:

How to reset the MasterSN property

Power up the wireless socket and press the power button for 5 seconds, after that the wireless socket will be restarted and the MasterSN property will be erased.
IndicationState of the device
Client is trying to find any access point to connect to.
Client is trying to find a specific access point (MasterSN property is not empty).

How to set the MasterSN property

You can set the MasterSN property in two ways.
For example, you can use the AntilatencyService.
Go to the Device Network tab. Find the access point in the Device Tree and copy its serial number.
Then, find the client and paste the copied serial number to the MasterSN field.
After this, please, read here how to send the setting to device: How to configure device custom properties
To you set the MasterSN property you can also use the power button.
Connect an access point to the Host
Then, power up the wireless socket and wait till it connects to the access point (LEDs of both devices will be blinking smoothly with the same color)
Press and hold the power button on the wireless socket for about 5 seconds. After that, the wireless socket will be restarted and save the hardware serial number of the access point to the MasterSN property.