Ceiling tracking area

Ceiling tracking area

The ceiling tracking area is a kind of Environment. The IR markers are embedded in the ceiling, wired, and connected to the power supply.

Free floor area

Unlike the Floor tracking area, this kind allows you to place massive objects on the floor, move heavy studio trolleys, platforms, etc.

Object tracking at any height

When using a ceiling tracking area, you can place the tracker at any height, for example:
It allows you to use ceiling tracking area in motion capture scenarios.

No need for calibration

For both a floor or a ceiling tracking areas, this principle is true: mount it once and then you can forget about calibration. All future operations with the tracking area boil down to turning the power on and off. The tracking area is ready for immediate use after turning it on.

Wide range of customization options

The ceiling tracking area is assembled with separate IR markers that are embedded in the ceiling tiles. So it can be easily configured for rooms with a complex geometry, including labyrinths with walls.
The room's geometry within the tracking area has to be taken into account while creating the environment. Learn more about working with a room model here.
Customization also allows you to take a creative approach to setting up a tracking area and create an art object out of your ceiling:
Image courtesy of The Pepegas Team.

Ceiling tracking area design

To install markers, a suspended ceiling system is used (for example, Armstrong). Holes are opened in the ceiling system tiles in accordance with the layout in the Environment.
For more information on mounting, see: How to set up a ceiling tracking area.
We draw your attention to the fact that the ceiling tracking area assembly and installation are carried out by the client on their own.

Default kit

Here you can download the drawing for opening holes in ceiling tiles:
Take into account that wires and power supply are not included in the kit.

IR marker technical specifications

850 nm
IR marker indication
Green LED
for wire 2x1.00 mm² 17 AWG
Supply voltage
15 V min, 20 V max, 18 V recommended, 100 mA current
Operating temperature
+5°C — +50°C
≤75% (+25°C)
IR marker overall dimensions
30 × 44 mm
IR marker weight
17 g
Viewing angle