Floor tracking area

Floor tracking area

A tracking area consists of bars with IR markers, soft tiles, and connectors.

Precise location of the markers

The IR markers are affixed in the holes of the tiles cut accurately to within a millimeter. Such accuracy ensures the reliable fixation of the marker in the right place.

Ultra-flat wires and connectors

We designed ultra-flat wires (1 mm in height) to power the IR markers. They are supplied as a bundle with connectors.

Soft protective covering

As the covering for the tracking area, we use soft but tight tiles. It is the best choice if you plan to move actively while using VR devices.

Easy assembling

The tiles are easy to assemble like puzzle pieces. You can do it alone without any special knowledge.

Green LED indication

Each marker has an additional LED indicator. If the marker is connected to the power supply, it will light up green.

Default kit

Please, take into account that the kit does not contain a power cable.

Technical specifications

IR marker wavelength
850 nm
IR marker indication
Green LED
Floor covering
The size of one panel — 0.6 × 0.6 × 0.01 m. Number of tiles included — 28 pcs.
Total area of ​​tiles from 1 kit — 10.08 m²
Power supply
Output voltage — 15V. Number of bars with IR markers you can connect
to one power supply — up to 10 pcs.
Operating temperature
+5°C — +50°C
≤75% (+25°C)
Package size
70 × 30 × 63 cm
Package weight
10 kg