How to set up a floor tracking area

How to set up a floor tracking area

This section describes the assembly and installation process for a Floor tracking area. It can be easily assembled just like a puzzle.
The set up of the floor tracking area is shown in details in our video.

Preparing for setup

To set up a floor tracking area, you will need a HorizontalGrid Environment. You can create it by yourself in AntilatencyService or select one of the prepared examples.
After creating the Environment you will need to prepare a routing scheme. You can create it also in AntilatencyService.
Before getting to the assembly, remember to check the package. Open your routing scheme in AntilatencyService. In the upper part of the window you will see:
  • bars count — number of reference bars, that this Environment consists of;
  • power supplies count — number of power sources.
For each power supply, you will need one power wire.
On the right side, you will see a list with a number of connecting wires and connectors necessary to assemble this Environment:

Assembling the floor tracking area

Set the bars and wires according to the Environment's scheme taking into account the direction of each bar (a wire with markers).
You can determine the direction of the bar by the two closely spaced markers.
Connect the bars and wires using connectors.
Please note: the circuit of reference bars must not be closed!
To connect the power supply, you will need an additional power wire that isn't displayed on the routing scheme. To assemble this part of an area you need a connector for a greater number of wires than is on the scheme.
For example, your power supply is located in the corner where two bars are crossed. In this case, you need a T-connector for connecting three wires.
On the routing scheme it can be displayed as follows:
And when assembling it looks as follows:
If you need to assemble a small tracking area like one that consists of 4 bars with markers, you can connect all the wires at once and then cover them with tiles.
But if your tracking area is bigger, we recommend starting assembly from one of its corners. First, assemble a small part of the tracking area and cover it with tiles, then assemble another small part, then continue until the tracking area is assembled.
Now you can connect the power supply to the tracking area. If it is set up correctly, all the markers will light up green.

Video tutorial