What's new in release 4.0.0?

What's new in release 4.0.0?

Version 4.0.0 includes time synchronization for Antilatency devices, advanced features for the Vertical tracking area, working with additional IR markers in Environment and new libraries for our new devices.

Antilatency Stereo Glasses and Illumetry

There’s a new product in the Antilatency ecosystem: Stereo Glasses for MotionParallax3D displays. This product allows our system to be used in projects with projection displays and CAVE. We have also created our own Illumetry display to be used together with the Antilatency Stereo Glasses. For more information on this XR system, visit illumetry.com.
To work with Stereo Glasses use AntilatencyService version 4 and the following Antilatency SDK libraries: IllumetryDisplay and StereoGlasses.

Directions for Vertical Environment

Vertical tracking area (Pillars type) in AntilatencyService now supports changing the viewing angle of IR markers and the direction for each pillar (reference bar). You can now work with a pair of identical pillars. To learn how to change a pillar’s viewing angle and direction, go here.

Additional IR markers

SDK 4.0.0 now supports additional IR markers for any type of Environment. We have created a new Environment type that works like a wrapper with additional IR markers for an "internal" Environment. You can add IR markers to the "external" Environment in an arbitrary place, which expands possibilities for designing tracking areas. For now, the support of additional markers is implemented in AltEnvironmentAdditionalMarkers library in Antilatency SDK only, but soon we will enable this option in AntilatencyService too.

New features in Antilatency Device Network library

The ADN library now supports time synchronization for USB devices and those connected to them via radio. We have developed our own algorithm for repeating auto-synchronization, which ensures close to perfect alignment between an application and Antilatency devices. This technology is used for working with new Antilatency Stereo Glasses and Illumetry displays.
Read more about new features in the library here.

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