What's new in release 3.2.0?

What's new in release 3.2.0?

With the new release 3.2.0 we have implemented support for Raspberry Pi. It has huge possibilities for Drones and Robotics and provides a new way of processing and transmitting tracking data in AR/VR projects. Starting from this release you can configure the Antilatency SDK for Hard Float ABI ARM architecture with a new library, arm-linux-gnueabihf.

TrackingMinimalDemo for Raspberry Pi

We prepared a new demo for using Antilatency tracking with Linux. This demo shows how to process onboard tracking data on a Raspberry Pi. You can find it at this repository on GitHub.

USB Permissions for Android 10 and higher

As you may know, Android 10 introduced new privacy changes. Starting from Android 10, applications cannot read the serial number until the user has granted your app permission to access the USB device or accessory. Using an intent filter is helpful if you want to have your application automatically detect an Antilatency device and prevent a pop-up of USB permission dialog. We added an opportunity to create or update the Android Manifest in your Unity project to prevent notifications from appearing. It helps to avoid interrupting an experience when devices reconnect.