How to set up the ValveIndex HMD custom platform

How to set up the ValveIndex HMD custom platform

Custom platforms for the ValveIndex VR headset. With them, you can securely fix the Universal Radio Socket in a comfortable position on the HMD.
Depending on the Environment, the platform can be positioned at the top or bottom of the HMD.
First, you need to affix the Socket using M2x10 DIN912 screws (use a 1.5 mm allen key).

Installation of the bottom platform

Use a T5 (Torx) screwdriver to remove the indicated screws. You will need them later, to install the platform on an HMD.
Then align the platform holes with the holes on ValveIndex. Tighten the platform securely.

Installation of the top platform

Apply a strip of double-sided foam tape 0.5-1 mm thick to the back of the platform. Then thoroughly degrease the front cover of the HMD.
Put the upper projection of the platform on the protruding part of the helmet, rotate the platform down until it contacts the surface of the helmet. Press lightly on the platform to better secure it to the tape.
Please, note, that double-sided tape gains adhesive strength within 24 hours. We recommend using the device no sooner than 24 hours after installing the platform.