Locking cells in a HorizontalGrid Environment

Locking cells in a HorizontalGrid Environment

This section describes how to prohibit the placement of reference bars in certain cells or their parts when creating a HorizontalGrid Environment.
AntilatencyService allows you to take into account various obstacles in the room that is intended for the installation of the tracking zone: e.g. walls, decorations, equipment, columns, etc. For these purposes, lock entire cells or their parts.

Locking entire cells

If there are objects in the tracking area that occupy a large area, you can exclude entire cells from the Environment, as shown below. It is not possible to place reference bars here. In order to lock them, you need to switch to Select multiple cells mode, pick a cell and click on the central menu button.
The ban on installing reference bars is valid not only during tracking quality optimization, but also during manual bar setup.
Note! When working with a truss tracking area, the installation of reference bars is only possible on truss segments, but not on junctions and not in the space between segments.

Locking a part of a cell

To account for small obstacles, lock a part of the cell. For example, the room may have internal partitions that prohibit positioning reference bars underneath. In the layout below, these partitions are shown in red lines.
Switch to Select multiple cells mode and select a particular cell (or several at once by holding down Shift). Then click on the right arrow button as shown below. Thus, you will set a ban on placing reference bars on the right side of the cells. Similarly, you may prohibit to locate reference bars on the inner side of the wall.
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