Pico G2 Socket

Pico G2 Socket

A wireless Socket custom-designed to fit the shape of the Pico G2 headset.

Compact design

The Pico G2 Socket is a small Socket that connects to HMD via USB Type-C. It is designed to fit the shape of the Pico G2 headset. So it locks securely in place on the headset.

USB type-C Female port

When a cable is connected to the USB type-C Female port, the Pico G2 Socket begins to work as a USB-adapter for charging and a USB data interface with the headset. Therefore, if you plug the Pico G2 Socket into the headset once and lock it in place, you will not need to disconnect and remove it.
The Pico G2 Socket operates in two mutually exclusive modes: either as a USB device channeling tracking data into the headset or as a USB-adapter.

Supporting of the radio protocol

Pico G2 Socket supports the Antilatency Radio Protocol and acts as an access point. The Pico G2 Socket collects data from wireless devices that are connected to it and forwards them to the headset through USB, along with the data from its own tracker.

Technical specifications

2.4 GHz proprietary radio protocol (access point mode)
USB 2.0 Full Speed
USB Type-C Male connector for connection between Pico G2 Socket and headset
USB Type-C Female connector for charging and connection between headset and PC
Power supply
Current consumption
Without Alt: 15 mA @ 5 V
With Alt: 115 mA @ 5 V
Operating temperature
+5°C — +50°C
≤75% (+25°C)
44 × 21 × 36  mm
13 g

3D model

You can download Pico G2 Socket 3D model by clicking button Download

LED signals

Indicator stateDevice state
Radio is disabled. Connection limit is 0.
Searching for a free radio channel or the radio channel is set to a specific value and this channel is occupied by another device.
This device found a channel to work with and now waits for wireless sockets. Color is the channel identification, different channels will have different colors.
This access point has at least one other client connected to it, the color will be identical on both devices.
Device is in firmware update mode.
External USB cable connected. Radio and tracker is turned off
Device error, it will be restarted in a few seconds.
Hardware error, the number of red blinks is the error code.