HMD Radio Socket

HMD Radio Socket

This is a lightweight and small Socket that can act as an access point or as a client. It supports the Extension Module - a module that allows reading external triggers and controlling other devices.

Modular design

Thanks to its small size, this lightweight Socket can be used to track objects instead of Tag if the tracked object has its own battery or an external battery can be fitted inside or outside the object's casing.

Two operating modes

HMD Radio Socket can act as a client, transmitting the tracking data to the access point, or as an access point, collecting data from other devices and sending them to the Host via USB.
Please, read here to learn more: HMD Radio Socket Modes

External power source

You can power a HMD Radio Socket from an external power bank via a USB type-C port. In this case the HMD Radio Socket functions as a client.

Extension module support

HMD Radio Socket supports the Extension Module. The Extension Module connects to the HMD Radio Socket through a USB type-C port to transmit data about external triggers and response control (vibration, etc.). HMD Radio Socket sends this data, along with tracking data, to its access point.

Technical specifications

2.4 GHz Proprietary radio protocol (access point or client modes)
USB 2.0 Full Speed
Usb Type-C port (for power and data transfer)
No built in battery
External power banks are supported
Antilatency Hardware Extension Interface support
Power supply
Current consumption
Without Alt: 15 mA @ 5 V
With Alt: 115 mA @ 5 V
Operating temperature
+5°C — +50°C
≤75% (+25°C)
9 × 18 × 32 mm
8 g

LED signals

Indicator stateDevice state
Radio is disabled. Connection limit is 0.
Searching for a free radio channel or the radio channel is set to a specific value and this channel is occupied by another device.
This device found a channel to work with and now waits for wireless sockets. Color is the channel identification, different channels will have different colors.
This access point has at least one other client connected to it, the color will be identical on both devices.
Device is in firmware update mode.
Device error, it will be restarted in a few seconds.
Hardware error, the number of red blinks is the error code.