Method of Antilatency.Alt.Tracking.ITrackingCotask
Calculates an estimation of the tracker's kinematic state. Unlike ITrackingCotask.getExtrapolatedState, this method does not accept a placement parameter and always estimates the position of the tracker itself.
State getState(​float angularVelocityAvgTimeInSeconds);


float angularVelocityAvgTimeInSeconds
A time span to average historical samples of angular velocity. The larger this time span is, the less noisy State.localAngularVelocity vector will be. At the same time, large values will worsen the angular velocity latency, resulting in a trade-off situation which. Use Constants.DefaultAngularVelocityAvgTime if you just want a value that works for most cases.

Return value

The kinematic state of the tracker at the moment this method was called. Any subsequent call will likely return a slightly different kinematic state.